Perancea’s Magnificent New Seven
Additional RFI/EMI Enclosures To Widen Screening Capabilities

mag7group2 pic

Seven new additions to the Perancea enclosures programme bring wider capabilities for modern circuit board and selective circuitry screening. The new designs come in response to popular customer demand to deliver even more choice in the company’s range of RFI/EMI Metal Screening Enclosures.

Four additional PFL PCB Frame & Lid style versions feature reduced heights specifically with boards used in 19in racking in mind, as well as for similar applications where height above the PCB is restricted. These new PFL 13/14/16/17T designs readily meet the increasing design requirement for lower profile enclosures to save space in product development.    Respective internal sizes are 40 x 40 x 10mm, 50 x 25 x 10mm, 75 x 75 x 10mm and 100 x 50 x 15mm.

Two existing sizes, also in Perancea’s PFL PCB Frame & Lid screening enclosures range, are now available with increased height to accommodate taller circuit board components as well as boards populated on both sides. PFL14T and 15T respectively measure up at 50x25x10mm and 75x50x30mm.

The seventh new addition from Perancea is an extra CFL Can & Fingered Lid version that features a doubling of the depth of the 30x30mm size, enabling greater capacity within the screening enclosure. This new CFL9T Bright Acid Tinned 30 x 30 x 30mm (internal) design is ideal for screening small transformers and more.

Notably, Perancea cost-effectively produces custom size screening enclosures for applications where standard range sizes are not suitable. Custom RFI/EMI metal screening enclosures are produced using Perancea’s standard tooling, keeping prices highly competitive and also viable for prototypes and short production runs.

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