Perancea is constantly revising and developing its product lines and capabilities to bring new solutions in fabrication and shielding for cost effective manufacturing and ever tightening standards and specifications. On these pages you can read what the press have already said about Perancea solutions:

Rainger FX puts Perancea metal to the pedal
Perancea’s magnificent new seven - additional RFI/EMI enclosures to widen screening capabilities
Perancea: making electronics enclosure screening make sense
Perancea takes on Hammond enclosures & new area sales representative
Perancea unravels electronics packaging
Perancea up & running on ROHS compliant product finishing
Perancea’s RoHS compliant alternative to hot tin dipped shielding
Perancea publishes new informative emc related brochures
Perancea's low profile instrument panel door systems for modular & standalone applications
Perancea design capabilities prove sound for noise emitter repackaging
Modular Noryl/GRP moulded instrument cases are ideal for panel mounting
Perancea awarded ISO 9001: 2015 qualification
Perancea plugs into the big demand for plug-in cases
Perancea screening strips solve EMI/RFI problems at board level
PCB RFI/EMI mounting screens feature locking pin option
Taking on the Big Boys - Courtesy Electronics Sourcing, July 2008