Perancea Launches Low Profile Instrument Panel Door Systems
For Modular and Standalone Applications

Perancea's new range of low profile ApraNorm transparent door modules can either be used with the ApraNorm instrument case modules or as access doors on large instrument and control panels where specific instruments need to be protected either from unauthorised access or from the environment.

The new door assemblies stand just 10mm high in profile. They are available with mounting lugs for selective access applications or without for use with the ApraNorm modular system. The door assemblies come in a range of nine sizes from 72mm square to 288x144mm, including 144mm square. Options include sash (90o turn-button) locking or key locking using a common key.

Features of the new design include a rubber seal between the door and its integral frame to provide environmental protection to IP42 minimum. For full IP protection, Perancea recommends that for ApraNorm modular instrument case solutions, an additional seal is used between the housing and the doorframe. For panel mounting applications, a bead of silicone sealant between the panel and the door frame will provide excellent protection.

Notably, the door in its integral frame assembly, hinges within the frame thus enabling use in close proximity applications.

Perancea's ApraNorm low profile instrument case and panel door assemblies are ideal for environmental protection against the ingress of dust, moisture and chemicals to prevent the settings of instruments such as data loggers, timers, relays, switches and so on being accidentally altered. The key locking versions additionally provide tamper proof protection.

The doors are moulded in tough, clear polycarbonate and the door frames are moulded in high strength GRP for stability. Electrical and dielectric properties are excellent and the range boasts high temperature stability according to DIN 53461 at up to 135oC. The materials are self-extinguishing according to UL 94 V-0.

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