Perancea PCB RFI/EMI Mounting Screens Feature Locking Pin Option

Perancea's new and complete range of mounting screens provide effective EMI/RFI shielding for high EMC performance in demanding and sensitive applications. The new metal designs are low in cost, precision manufactured and feature a range of options including a new and unique locking pin mechanism designed to keep the enclosure in place during reflow, wave and hand soldering operations. The mounting screens, as a board level solution, are more economical than full enclosure screening.

Perancea's screening enclosures come in a range of standard styles and sizes to cover a wide gamut of circuit board requirements. For special PCBs, Perancea is also able to customise its designs to meet customers' specific requirements.

The new locking pin simply retains the metal enclosure in place during soldering to ensure full contact between the frame and the solder paste in surface mount applications. The locking pin is easy to activate, using the minimum of effort and guaranteeing high reliability solder joints with optimum EMI/RFI screening performance.

Enclosure styles include PCB frames and cans with or without fingered lids. Removable fingered lids provide easy access to the enclosure contents plus high attenuation in service. Standard or locking mounting pins can be specified and internal dividers can be provided fordiscreet screening. Additional features include PCB locations, holes, brackets and other sheet metal produced features to accommodate customer requirements. Cans are produced with all the features of Perancea frames plus butt jointed corners that can easily be soldered if required.

Perancea RFI/EMI screening enclosures are manufactured as standard in 24SWG BS 1449 bright steel and 60-40 tin lead hot dipped to BS21119 Grade K. Surface resistivity of the enclosures is 20x10-6 ohm/m2 and conductivity is 5x104mho. The designs are manufactured to general tolerances of +/-0.25mm and to within +/-0.1mm on PCB pin pitch. Screening enclosures can also be manufactured in a wide range of gauges, materials and finishes including copper, brass, tinplate, nickel plate and also nickel and bright tin.

For custom screening enclosure applications, Perancea is able to adapt its production processes to cater for most requirements notably without tooling charges, making prototyping and low volume requirements an extremely cost effective and viable proposition.

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