Perancea Plugs Into The Big Demand For Plug-In Cases

Perancea's enhanced range of eight and 11 pin Plug-In Cases are completely retooled designs and feature product lines revised to meet the current increasing market demand for ex-stock, low cost, high reliability cases.

The improved design provides environmental protection for packaging small assemblies in traditional style applications including timers, machine tool cycling, light controllers and control panels in the electronics and electrical industry sectors. The new cases also provide easy plug-in replacements that are fully interchangeable with existing system designs from alternative manufacturers.

The 50mm square plug-in cases are available in cover heights of 41 and 76mm. High impact resistant polycarbonate is used for the covers which can also be supplied in a wide range of colours for volume applications. The interchangeable case tops simply snap fit on to the pinned bases which are moulded in low friction glass filled nylon.

The tubular brass electrical pins are electro-tinned over a nickel flash for easy wire insertion and solderability. They are manufactured to close tolerances for high reliability and repeated plugging and unplugging. The bases are available in both Octal and B11A (8 & 11pin) configurations to mate with a widely available range of sockets.

For easy assembly the bases and 76mm cover feature moulded-in PCB support guides, a label recess is also moulded into the top of both cover sizes. Perancea can, if required, supply the cases in any quantity with holes and cut outs for through wall mounted components such as potentiometers and indicator lights. Perancea is also able to customise case shape and size, depending on volume requirements.

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