Perancea Modular Noryl/GRP Moulded Instrument Cases
Are Ideal For Panel Mounting Applications

Perancea's highly acclaimed Apra-Norm system of aesthetic, high quality panel mounting instrument cases, are designed and manufactured to DIN 43700/IEC 61554. This innovative, modular format provides a wealth of cost effective, high reliability solutions to instrument housings for panel mounting applications.

The Apra-Norm system is built around an extensive range of glass fibre reinforced Noryl body shell mouldings. Square versions nominally range from 48 x 48mm to 192 x 192mm and rectangular housings range from 28 x 48mm to 144 x 288mm, totalling 21 options, in a range of seven depths from 60 to 209mm. The comprehensive system comprises the largest range of housings available in one-piece moulded plastic.

Integrally moulded inner guides on the shell make for easy PCB insertion and location in both horizontal and vertical planes. An inclusive front bezel stylishly retains the front panel. Threaded bushes at both ends of the shell securely retain the rear panels and can optionally provide additional front panel security.

An alternatively available bezel features corner webs and hides the screw fixings whilst giving protection from electrostatic discharge from the screws in EMI/RFI sensitive applications. As with all of Perancea's products, this range can be supplied with a conductive nickel, copper or silver loaded paint finish to achieve effective EMI/RFI screening.

For damp or dusty environmental applications, high strength transparent polycarbonate doors with an integral seal provide added IP42 protection. The doors are available in either standard or low (10mm) profile with the option of sash or security key locking fasteners. Alternatively, doors can be supplied with webs for mounting directly on to an instrument panel that can either be used in conjunction with the cases or in stand alone applications.

Front panel options include aluminium, transparent Makralon and red Plexiglass filters, and like their moulded rear panel counterparts can be supplied machined and printed to exacting customer specifications. Seals for the front panel to the case and for the case to the instrument panel can be ordered separately for added environmental protection.

Fixing clips can be specified from six options and simply snap on to inserts on the case wall to give positive and secure retention for a wide variety of panel thicknesses. Special adapters can also be supplied for simple fixing to DIN EN50022 rails.

The Apra-Norm instrument case system features excellent mechanical and electrical properties. Electrical resistance is greater than 1015 ohm and dielectric strength, according to DIN 53481, is 250kV/cm. The system also boasts excellent thermal properties including shape stability up to 150oC according to Vicat (B). The Noryl is self-extinguishing, non dripping and Flame retardant to UL94 V1.

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