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ABS boxes - flanged   Fine Limit Metalwork
ABS screw lid boxes Sheet Metalwork
ABS instrument cases Machining
Potting/encapsulation shells Turning
RFI/EMI screening enclosures Milling
DIN panel mounting enclosures Welding
Hand held cases Wire work
Sloped front cases Prototypes
Small desk consoles Custom Panels
Mains plug cases    
Plug-in 8 & 11 pin cases   Plastics
Wall mounting enclosures Vacuum forming
IP67 glass polyester boxes Injection moulding
IP65 polycarbonate boxes Plastic fabrication
IP65 ABS boxes    
IP65 sealed diecast boxes   Customising
Diecast aluminium boxes Boxes & enclosures
Aluminium enclosures Moulded boxes
Aluminium instrument cases    
Steel instrument cases   Finishing
Steel wall mounting enclosures Plating
Lowline keyboard consoles Painting
Hand held display cases Polishing
19" cases steel RFI/EMI conductive painting
Instrument case feet Screen printing
Cable ties & bases    

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